Overall Leaders
Most Wins:29Leicester City
Fewest Losses:5Burnley
Most Draws:17Nottingham Forest
Highest Points per Game:2.18Leicester City

Fewest Wins:8Yeovil Town
Most Losses:23Yeovil Town
Fewest Draws:8Leeds United
Lowest Points per Game:0.84Yeovil Town

Most Goals Scored:80Leicester City
Highest Goals Scored Average:1.81Leicester City
Fewest Goals Conceded:35Burnley
Lowest Goals Conceded Average:0.79Burnley
Highest Goal Difference:37Leicester City

Fewest Goals Scored:34Charlton Athletic
Lowest Goals Scored Average:0.79Charlton Athletic
Most Goals Conceded:73Millwall
Highest Goals Conceded Average:1.65Millwall
Lowest Goal Difference:-30Barnsley

Most Clean Sheets:19Brighton & Hove Albion
Fewest Games Failed to Score:3Leicester City
Fewest Clean Sheets:6Barnsley
Most Games Failed to Score:20Barnsley
Charlton Athletic

Longest Winning Sequence:9Leicester City
Longest Undefeated Sequence:21Leicester City
Longest Drawing Sequence:4Blackpool
Blackburn Rovers
Sheffield Wednesday
Longest Losing Sequence:5Leeds United
Longest Winless Sequence:17Blackpool

Home Leaders
Most Wins:16Leicester City
Fewest Losses:2Burnley
Queens Park Rangers
Leicester City
Most Draws:10Bolton Wanderers
Highest Points per Game:2.36Leicester City

Fewest Wins:2Birmingham City
Most Losses:12Yeovil Town
Fewest Draws:4Leeds United
Derby County
Doncaster Rovers
Sheffield Wednesday
Leicester City
Lowest Points per Game:0.66Birmingham City

Most Goals Scored:45Leicester City
Highest Goals Scored Average:2.04Leicester City
Fewest Goals Conceded:14Burnley
Lowest Goals Conceded Average:0.63Burnley
Highest Goal Difference:23Leicester City

Fewest Goals Scored:17Charlton Athletic
Lowest Goals Scored Average:0.80Charlton Athletic
Most Goals Conceded:36Birmingham City
Highest Goals Conceded Average:1.71Birmingham City
Lowest Goal Difference:-13Barnsley

Longest Winning Sequence:6Leicester City
Longest Undefeated Sequence:19Burnley
Longest Drawing Sequence:5Birmingham City
Longest Losing Sequence:5Yeovil Town
Longest Winless Sequence:16Birmingham City

Away Leaders
Most Wins:13Leicester City
Fewest Losses:3Burnley
Most Draws:10Nottingham Forest
Sheffield Wednesday
Highest Points per Game:2.00Leicester City

Fewest Wins:2Doncaster Rovers
Most Losses:14Barnsley
Fewest Draws:2Birmingham City
Lowest Points per Game:0.59Doncaster Rovers

Most Goals Scored:37Derby County
Highest Goals Scored Average:1.68Derby County
Fewest Goals Conceded:18Brighton & Hove Albion
Lowest Goals Conceded Average:0.81Brighton & Hove Albion
Highest Goal Difference:14Leicester City

Fewest Goals Scored:12Doncaster Rovers
Lowest Goals Scored Average:0.54Doncaster Rovers
Most Goals Conceded:41Yeovil Town
Highest Goals Conceded Average:1.86Yeovil Town
Lowest Goal Difference:-25Doncaster Rovers

Longest Winning Sequence:5Leicester City
Longest Undefeated Sequence:12Leicester City
Longest Drawing Sequence:6Watford
Longest Losing Sequence:7Blackpool
Longest Winless Sequence:15Blackpool
Doncaster Rovers

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